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For over 26 Years, Golden State Debt Management has helped individuals and families, of all backgrounds and income levels, to manage their debt and remain debt-free. Our licensed agents will help you generate a sustainable household budget. We will also help you create a favorable debt repayment plan to prevent debts from being sent to collection and help you avoid filing for bankruptcy. Call our office today at (212) 433-2548 to find out how we can help to create a debt solution for you!

debt settlementOur Consumer Debt Management Programs Include:

  • Structured Debt Elimination Plans
  • Unsecured Debt Consolidation
  • Lowering of Monthly Payments
  • Lowering of Interest Rates
  • Stopping Late and Over-Limit Fees
  • Delinquent Account Reporting Prevention
  • Help With Collection Agencies / Stopping Collection Calls
  • Bankruptcy Avoidance
  • and More
We serve New York and New Jersey. Call our debt management professionals today at (212) 433-2548 to schedule a free consultation!

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